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Burials at Arlington National Cemetery - By Category. Page 2

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Burials at Arlington National Cemetery - By Category. Page 2

Postby The Chief » Sat Apr 19, 2008 6:14 pm

William Dugald MacDougall - Rear Admiral, Spanish-American War
Peter Francis Mack, Jr., Commander (WWII), Member of Congress
Robert Belknap Mack, Lieutenant Commander - Lost At Sea In 1957 - INFORMATON NEEDED
Harold E. MacLellan, Lieutenant Commander, USNA - Navigator of USS Akron Which Crashed In 1933 Off The Coast of New Jersey
Alexander Macomb, Captain, Naval Aide To President Hoover - INFO NEEDED
Ray John Madden, Lieutenant (WWI) & Member of Congress
Charles H. Maddox, Captain, USNA, Aviation Pioneer - First Radio Transmission From An Airplane
Elwood Christian Madsen, Captain, World War II Prisoner of War
James Vincent Madison, Chief Boatswains Mate, WWI, Member of the Byrd North Pole Expedition Of 1926
John Holmes Magruder Jr., Commodore - Father of A Marine Colonel - INFORMATION NEEDED
Dennis Hart Mahan - Commodore, Spanish War, Philippine Insurrection
Arthur L. Maher, Rear Admiral, USNA - POW Of the Japanese In WWII
Peter Tillou Maier, Captain - Vietnam War, CoS of Aircraft Carrier, Destroyer Squadron
Thomas Clogher Maloney - Captain, Submarine Officer
Richard Michael Mancini, AE2, Killed In Aircraft Incident In Laos, January 1968 - Returned Home In 2003
Anthony R. Maness, Rear Admiral, USNA - Naval Aviation - DSM, LM, AM
Stephen Stafford Mann, Jr., Captain, USNA - WWII Sub Commander - Divison-Squadron Sub Commander
William Aden Mann, Commander - Career Naval Officer & Businessman
George Maragos, Captain, USNA, An Accomplished Ship Builder
Victor Francis Marinelli, Lieutenant, Naval Aviator - Killed In 1927 Seaplane Crash In Chesapeake Bay
Allan Whitlock Markham, Lieutenant Commander, Naval Aviator - Public & Private Attorney FAA
Roy Lynden Malcolm, Lieuetnant Commander, Naval Intelligence Officer - WWII
Adolph Marix, Vice Admiral, USNA - Spanish-American War, USS Maine Investigation
Joseph Marthon - Lieutenant Commander, Civil War With Farragut
Kleber Sandlin Masterson - Vice Admiral, WWII, Korea - Pearl Harbor
Edward Donald Mateik, Captain - Medical/Finance Officer - WWII & Korea
H. Spencer Matthews, Rear Admiral, First Pilot To Become An Admiral - WWII, Vietnam, DSM, LM, BSM
James Thomas Mathews, Jr., Captain, Citadel Graduate, World War II
Alfred Richard Matter, Rear Admiral, USNA, World War II, Aviator, Show Down & Rescued
Fred Maxey, Jr., Captain - Ballistic Submarine Commander
Norman David Mayer. Fireman First Class, Nuclear Protestor - Shot To Death By US Park Police At Washington Monument
James Otis Mayo, Rear Admiral, Naval Aviator, WWII - Aircraft Carrier Commander - Kipplinger Washington Editors
Robert Hazelhurst McAdoo, Ensign, WWI - Son of U. S. Senator William Gibbs McAdoo
Gerry Medlar McCabe - Commander, Submarine Officer, White House Aide
The McCain Family - Long History Of Military Service
Robert E. McCall, Captain - USNA, World War II Veteran
Bowman H. McCalla, Rear Admiral, Spanish-American War, Boxer Rebellion
Helen Mary McCarthy, Captain - WWII, U.S. Patent Office, Attorney
Thomas Wilkinson McClellan III, Lieutenant - Explosives Demolition Specialist
Frank Carey McCord, Commander, USNA - Commander of USS Akron Which Crashed Off New Jersey In 1933
Michael Timothy McCormick, Lieutenant - MIA Over Vietnam In 1973 - Returned Home In 2004
Jerry R. McDonald, Captain - From Enlisted Man To Captain, Cuba, Vietnam, Beirut
Archibald John McEwan, Captain, Naval Aviator - Arms Control Negotiator
John McGowan, Jr. - Rear Admiral, Civil War
James Patrick McGrath, Hospital Corpsman - Killed In Vietnam In 1967 - Returned Home In 2001
Kathleen McGrath, Captain, First Female To Command An American Warship
Michael M. McGreevy, Lieutenant, USNA - Navy Seal - Killed In Operation Enduring Freedom - PH
Albert Charles McGuire, CWO3, Vietnam War Service
Francis Desmond McGuire, Captain, World War II, Seabees, Civil Engineer Corps
Fran McKee, Rear Admiral, Second Female Admiral In The History of the U.S. Navy - LM
Lloyd Charles McKenzie, TM1, Lost Aboard Submarine, USS Trinton, 15 March 1943 - Memorial Stone - PH
Hugh Robert McKibbin, Captain, USNA - Buried With Son At ANC
Alpine W. McLane III, Captain, World War II, Korea, Vietnam
Ridley McLean, Rear Admiral, USNA - SAW, Philippines, Boxer Rebellion - Died Aboard USS Nevada
John L. McLucas, Lieutenant Commander, United States Navy - Government Official
Frank Day McMullen, Jr., Vice Admiral, USNA - Wife & Daughter At Rest In Arlington
Thomas McNabb, Jr. - Killed On USS Indianapolis- WWII - Not Recovered
Wilfred James McNeil, Rear Admiral - World War I - Defense Department Official
Charles Butler McVay II, Admiral, USNA - World War I - Commander, Asiatic Fleet
Henry Meigs Meade, Lieutenant Commander, Naval Family, Son Of Richard Worsam Meade - Civil War
Richard Worsam Meade - Civil War Admiral
Pal Lamar Meadows, Captain, Died In 1942 While Serving In Officer Of Chief of Naval Operations
Edwin Lloyd Meeds, SPI3, World War II - Member of Congress
Francis Xavier Mezzadri, Captain, Naval Aviator - Blue Angel - INFO NEEDED
Donald Foster Melchoir, Lieutenant Commander - Lawyer, WWII Vet, Justice Dept
John William Mele, TM2, WWII, Korea - Grandfather Of Sergeant John Mele, USA, Killed In Operation Iraqi Freedom
Corwin Guy Mendenhall, Jr., Rear Admiral, USNA - WWII Submarine Commander, Nuclear Tests - SS, BSM
Alfred B. Metsger, Rear Admiral - USNA - Aviator, WWII Combat Veteran - USN Into the Jet Age
Frederick Hayes Michaelis, Admiral - USNA, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Navy Cross
William Warner Miles, Yeoman First Class - World War II Veteran
Ray E. Millard - Reserve Captain & CIA Officer
Charles Russell Miller, Captain - USNA, Career Submarine Officer - College Professor
David Bruce Miller, Captain, The States Of A Free Bird Are Three - INFO NEEDED
Henry Louis Miller, Rear Admiral, USNA - WWII - Doolittle Raiders - DFC, AM, LM
James Madison Miller, Rear Admiral, USNA, Spanish-American War, Governor of the Naval Home
Malcolm T. Miller, Chief Petty Office Third Class, Killed In Vietnam In 1967 - Returned Home In 2005 - PH
Norman Mickey Miller, Captain, USNA, Heavily Decorated WWII Naval Aviator, NC, DFC, SS, AM, PH
Victor Laverne Miller, Lieutenant (jg), Naval Aviator, WWII - Memorial Stone - Navy Cross, AM
George Henry Mills, Commodore - USNA, Lighter-Than-Air Proponent & Expert
Joe Cephus Mitchell, Captain, From Enlisted Ranks To Captain, National Security Agency
Thomas Joseph George Mitchell - Korea & Vietnam Veteran - Professor
Marc Andrew Mitscher, Admiral - WWII Carrier Commander
William Adger Moffett, Jr., Rear Admiral - USNA - Naval Aviator, WWII, DFC, AM
Clifford F. Molloy, Lieutenant Commander, Naval Aviator - World War II
Albert Otto Al Momm - Captain, 1928 Graduate of Naval Academy
Charles Bowers "Swede" Momsen, Vice Admiral, USNA, USS Squalus, WW II
Mary R. "Molly" Monaghan, Lieutenant, WWII, Navy Wife, Arlington Lady
Peter Mongilardi, Jr., Commander, Killed Over Vietnam In 1965 - Returned Home In 2007 - PH
Vincent Duncan Monroe, Captain, Killed Over Vietnam In 1968 - Returned Home In 1978 - PH
Walter Addison Moore, Jr., Captain - USNA - World War II Veteran
Arthur S. Moreau, Jr., Admiral - USNA - Died On Duty As CINC Southern Europe
Steven Matthew Moreau, Lieutenant - Died In Naval Aircraft Accident - Father Was An Admiral
Ben Moreell, Admiral, World War I, World War II - Founder of the Seabees - DSM
John A. Moreno, Captain, USNA - World War II, Korea - Son of a WWI Army Officer
Armand Malcolm Morgan - Rear Admiral, Submarine Construction
Gary Eugene Morgan, SN, Killed In Auto Accident - Father An Army Sergeant Major
Thomas H. Moorer, Admiral, USNA, Chief of Naval Operations, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
William E. Moring, Captain, USNA, World War II, Career Officer
Bert DeWayne Morris, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, Decorated WWII Naval Aviator - Movie Actor - DFC, AM
Thomas E. Morris, Rear Admiral, World War II, Korean War - Self-Made Millionaire
Brian Anthony Moss, Electronics Technician 1st Class, Killed In Terrorist Attack On The Pentagon, 11 September 2001
Douglas Farris Mow, Rear Admiral - Highly Decorated Vietnam Vet
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Naval Officer, United States Senator, U. S. Ambassador
George Edward Mueller, Captain, USNA - World War II - Submarine Commander
Richard D. Mugg, Captain - USNA, WWII, Korea, LM, BSM - Only Live Test Firing Of Nuclear Missile
Jay M. Munninghoff, Captain - USNA, Naval Aviator
Andrew Lee Muns, Ensign - His Honor Restored 30 Years After He Was Murdered
Francis Morton Munson, Lieutenant, Medical Officer - Killed In 1927 Auto Accient In Maryland
Daniel J. Murphy, Admiral - WWII, Presidential Advisor, Deputy Director of CIA
Patrick Jude Murphy, Lieutenant Commander, Killed In Terrorist Attack On The Pentagon: 11 September 2001
Philip A. Murphy-Sweet, Commander, Killed In Iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom - PH
William Albert Myers III, Rear Admiral, USNA - World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War - LM
Patrick Sean Myrick, Lieutenant, Operation Iraqi Freedom - Killed In Aircraft Accident In the Pacific

Gordon Richard Nagler - Vice Admiral With A 39-Year Career
Jmes Wilson Nance, Rear Admiral, USNA, WWII, Aviator, Presidential Advisor
Oliver Francis Naquin - Rear Admiral, Rescued USS Squalus
Marvin Joel Naschek, Commander, Naval Aviator - Killed In Vietnam War
Richard Crawford Nelson, Lieutenant Commander, KIlled In Vietnam In 1968, Returned Home In 1994
Charles Nestor, Ensign - Missing On A Flight In 1943 - Returned Home In 1998
Roger Morton Netherland, Captain, Missing Over Vietnam In 1967, Returned Home In 1989 - PH
Simon Newcomb, Rear Admiral - Naval Astronomer
Michael Thomas Newell, Lieuetnant, USNA - Naval Aviator - Missing Over Vietnam In 1966 - Returned Home In 2007 - PH
Kossuth Niles, Rear Admiral, USNA - Civil War, Spanish War - Finally Retired In 1911 - Interesting Career
Nathan Eric Niles, Rear Admiral, USNA - Spanish-American War, Governor of the Naval Home
William Edward Nordeen, Captain - Killed By Terrorists In Greece
Benjamin Franklin Norwood, Captain, Surgeon - Died Of Heart Attack In 1942 at Age 55
Frank P. Notz, Captain - Intelligence Specialist
John George Now, Captain, World War II, Vietnam War, Submarine Officer, LM, BSM
Ira Hudson Nunn, Rear Admiral, USNA, Navy Cross In WWII, Judge Advocate General of the Navy

Grady Poindexter Oakley, Midshipman, US Naval Academy - INFORMATION NEEDED
Frank O'Beirne, Vice Admiral - Pearl Harbor, Decorated WWII Aviator
Bruce O'Brien, Ensign, Killed In 1954 Accident At Sea At Age of 22
Peter Benjamin Ober, Lieutenant, Naval Aviator - Killed In Helicopter Crash In Sicily
John William O'Donnell, Commander - Vietnam War Aviator
Lawrence Charles Oesterich. Commander, WWII, Supply Corps, Polaris Submarine Program
Raymond Edward O'Hare, Lieutenant Commander, Persian Gulf - Killed In Aircraft Accident
Darriel Webster Oliver, Navy Spouse - Wife of Vice Admial Daniel T. Oliver
Richard Carl Oliver, Lieutenant Commander - Blue Angels - Killed In Airshow Crash In Canada
Delbert Austin Olson, Commander, Naval Aviator - Lost Over Vietnam In 1968 Recovered In 2001
Joy Bright Little Hancock Ofstie, Captain - WWI, WWII, Korea - Navy Widow 3 Times
Brad Michael O'Neill, MBC (SEAL), Gulf War - Murder Victim
Joseph Orleck, Lieutenant, Killed In WWII, Not Recovered - Memorial Stone - NC, PH Hugo Osterhaus, Rear Admiral, World War I, CINC, Atlantic Fleet - Navy Cross
Hugo Wilson Osterhaus, Rear Admiral, World War I, Navy Cross - Son of Hugo Osterhaus
Arthur E. Owen, Captain, USNA, World War II, Educator
Thomas Barron Owen, Rear Admiral, WWII - Chief of Naval Research - SS, DSM, BSM
William Cook Owen, Commander, Died In 1932 While Enroute From Charleston To Washington, D.C.
Ronald Scott Owens, Electronics Warfare Technicial 3rd Class, Killed Aboard The USS Cole

Alton Edwin Paddock, Captain - USNA, World War II Veteran
Andrew Billings Paddock, Ensign, World War I - Nephew of Admiral Luther G. Billings
Elbert Alonzo Palmer, Jr., Ensign, USNA - Drowned Off Cuba In 1925 - Son Of An Army Officer
James Edward Palmer, Commander, USNA - From a Long Line Of Naval Officers
John J. Park, Lieutenant - WWII Submarines - NASA Engineer
Everett Austin Parke, Commander, USNA, WWII, Korea, Vietnam - Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)
Leonard Ward Parker, Lieutenant, Apparently Killed In WWII, Buried In 1948 - INFORMATION NEEDED
Lutrelle Fleming Parker, Sr., Captain, Naval Reserves & Public Official
Peter Pryor Parker, Seaman - Killed In Accident Aboard the USS Montana In 1914
Jack J. Parlier, AERM2, Missing In Action In 1944 During WWII, Returned Home In 2004
Henry Earl Parmenter, Commander, USNA - First Wife Was A Suicide Victim - INFO NEEDED
Edward Charles Parsons, Rear Admiral - Lt, French Air Service In WWI
Don Brown Parsons, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, MIA Over North Vietnam - In Memory Of Stone In Arlington
Edwin Charles Parsons, Rear Admiral, Early Aviator - Pancho Villa - Lafayette Escadrille In WWI, WWI - BSM
William Sterling Parsons, Rear Admiral, Assembled Hiroshima A-Bomb Trigger
Aram Yervant Parunak, Captain, Naval Aviator - World War II - Sea-Air Rescue
Harold Cameron Patterson, Lieutenant (jg), World War I - INFORMATION NEEDED
John James Patterson III, Commander, USNA - INFO NEEDED
Joseph Hester Patterson, Lieutenant (jg), USNA - Lost In The Sinking Of The Submarine USS Squalus
Jacob Louis Pawer, Jr., Lieutenant (jg), Killed In Korea - Recovered After 47 Years
Mary Minor Driver Payne, Lieutenant (jg), Navy Nurse Corps, World War II
Rose Peake, Yoeman Second Class, World War I - INFORMATION NEEDED
Gerald Orean Pearl, Warrant Officer 1, Pearl Harbor Survivor, World War II
Robert Edwin Peary, Rear Admiral - Polar Explorer
Allan Earle Peck, Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps - INFORMATION NEEDED
Daniel Edgar Peckham, Commander, USNA, Aviator & Engineer
Edward Metcalfe Peebles, Rear Admiral - USNA - Trident Submarine Program
George Pullen Peed, Captain - USNA, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Submariner
Richard Allen Pendergist, Lieutenant (jg), Naval Photographer - Killed In Crash Of Ultra Light Airplane
Francis Marion Peters, Jr., Captain, USNA, World War II, Destroyer Commander - SS
Carl Oscar Petersen, Lieuenant, Byrd Expeditiona - Congressional Gold Medal - Died On Active Duty In 1941
Forrest Silas Petersen, Vice Admiral - USNA - WWII, Korea, Vietnam - NASA Test Pilot
Carl Ferdinand Pfeifer, Captain - USNA, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Naval Aide To The President
Thomas Stowell Phelps, Sr., Rear Admiral - Mexican War & Civil War
Michael J. Phipps, Lieutenant Commander, Medical Corps - Killed In Minnesota Traffic Accident
Robert Webster Pickett, EW1, Relative of Gen George E. Pickett, CSA
Adolf Von Scheven Pickhardt, USNA - World War I, World War II
John Elliott Pillsbury, Rear Admiral, Geographer, Explorer, Warrior - Spanish-American War
Clifford Pindell, CPO1, Killed In 1944, Found In 1994, Identified/Buried In 1999
Roland Robert Pineau, ATC, Lost Over Vietnam In 1967 - Returned Home In 2007
Frank Lucius Pinney, Sr., Captain, USNA - SAW, WWI - Supervised Building of USN's First Two Submarines
William Bruce Pitzer, Lieutenant Commander, WWII, Korea - Controvery Surrounding His Death At Bethesda Naval Hospital
Comfort Benedict Platt, Rear Admiral, INFORMATION NEEDED
James Edwin Plowman, Lieutenant Commander, Missing Over Vietnam In 1967 - Returned Home In 2006 - PH
Charles Peshall Plunkett, Rear Admiral, USNA - Spanish-American War, WWI - DSM
Alex Pohedra, Chief Petty Officer, WWII, DFC & Air Medal
Eric G. F. Pollard, Rear Admiral - INFORMATION NEEDED
Richard Armstrong Poole, Lieuenant (jg), World War II - Foreign Service Officer
The Porter Family, Marine Corps & Naval Tradition
James Potter, Lieutenant, USNA - Killed In A Tragic Automobile Accident
Robert Potts, Rear Admiral, Of Ireland - Civil War Veteran - Chief Engineer Of The Navy
Templin Morris Potts, Captain, USNA - Spanish-American War, Governor of Guam, Saved USS Louisiana From Sinking
William Edward Potts, HMCM, Silver Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal
Robert Wayne Powers, Lieutenant (jg), Killed In 1941 Training Flight At Floyd Bennett Field In New York
William J. Powers, Jr., Commander, Naval Aviator - World War II, Korea
John Martin Poyer, Commander - Governor of American Samoa - Prevented A Flu Epidemic - Navy Cross
Loren Edward Poyner, Machinists Mate, Killed In 1927 Aircraft Crash In Chesapeake Bay
Ratish Prasad, Lieutenant (jg), Murder Victim Aboard The USS Hancock
Irving Stahl Presler, Captain - USNA, WWII Veteran Commander
Kathryn Georgette Van Wagner Pribram, Lt, WWII, Iwo Jima, Air Medal
Alfred Melville Pride, Admiral, Aviator, Aircraft Carrier Commander, World War II
Howard Priest, Lieutenant Commander, Medical Officer - A Suicide Victim In 1924 In Portsmouth, N. H.
Brody Lynn Prieto, Lieutenant Commander, Afghanistan - Died At 34 Of ALS - BSM, AM
Franklin Cogswell Prindle, Rear Admiral, Civil War, Engineer
Leo Twyman Profilet, Captain, Korea, Vietnam - Prisoner Of War - SS, LM, DFC, BSM, POW, PH
Alfred C. Proulx, Captain, WWII, First Clerk of the U.S. Court of Military Appeals
Richard Stephen Pugh, Lieutenant, USNA, Missing On Training Flight, Indian Ocean - Memorial Section
Fred H. Pullen, Lieutenant, USS Resolute - SAW - Died In Service - INFORMATION NEEDED
Patrick Lawrence Purdin, HN, Killed In The Vietnam War - SS, PH
George Lawrence Purmont, Captain, USNA, World War II

Edward Francis Qualtrough, Captain - USNA, Great White Fleet
James Joseph Raby, Rear Admiral, USNA - WWI - Killed In 1934 Auto Accident In Georgia - Father of John Raby
John Raby, Rear Admiral, Naval Aviator, World War II - Navy Cross
Robert W. Radcliffe - Captain (Chaplain) Vet Of WWII, Korea, Vietnam
Arthur William Radford, Admiral, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
Cyrus Sugg Radford, Jr., Lieutenant Commander, WWII - Son of a Marine Corps General - INFO NEEDED
|Barbara Allen Rainey - First Female Naval Avitor - Killed In Plane Crash
Leonard Robert Raish, Captain - WWII, First Polio Survivor To Remain On Active Duty
Logan Carlisle Ramsey Sr, Rear Admiral, USNA - WWI, WWII, Aircraft Carrier Commander - Sent Pearl Harbor Attack Message
William T. Rassieur - Rear Admiral - Survived Attack At Pearl Harbor
Craig Rawson, SN First Class - Submitted By His Loving Family
Kathryn Ann Kay Rayburn, Navy Spouse & Relative of President James Buchanan
Albert Cushing Read - Rear Admiral, Early Naval Aviator
Francis Patrick Reardon, Commander, WWII Veteran, Served With UN
Linda Gail Regan. Lieutenant Commander - Medical Officer - Served In Crotia
Eli Thomas Reich, Vice Admiral - USNA, WWII, Three Navy Crosses
Fremont Easton Reichwein, Captain, 30-Year Naval Career - LM
George Collier Remey, Rear Admiral, USNA - Civil War
John Terry Remey, Lieutenant (jg), Brother of George Collier Remey - INFORMATION NEEDED
Godfrey A. Rettig, Captain - Naval Aviator - Vietnam War
Henry Reuterdahl, Lieutenant Commander, Noted American Painter - Died In Mental Hospital In Washington
Alfred Reynolds, Rear Admiral - Son Of Army Gen Joseph Jones Reynolds
Lovell K. Reynolds, Lieutenant, Son of Robert M. Reynolds - INFORMATION NEEDED
Richard Rich, Captain - Aviator - Lost Over Vietnam In 1967 - Returned Home In 2000
James Otto Richardson, Admiral - USNA, WWI, WWII
Hyman George Rickover, Admiral - Father Of The Nuclear Navy
William Frederick Riedell, Lieutenant Commander, WWII - Engineer, U.S. Bureau of Standards
Edward Riepl, Ensign, Aviator - Killed In 1942, Found In 1994, Buried In 1999
Robert L. Ringhausen, Captain - 30-Year Veteran, USNA
Basil Norris Rittenhouse, Jr., Rear Admiral, Son Of An Army Lieutenant Colonel - INFORMATION NEEDED
Presley Marion Rixey, Rear Admiral, Medical Director, White House Physician
Kenneth Allison Roberts, Lieutenant (WWII), Member of Congress
Rembrandt Cecil Robinson, Rear Admiral, World War II, Vietnam War - Killed In Helicopter Crash - BSM
Samuel Shelburn Robison - Rear Admiral, Spanish War, WWI
Allan Barkhurst Roby, Rear Admiral, WWII, Korea - SS - INFORMATION NEEDED
Judith M. Robles-Coombs, Lieutenant Commander, Physician & Navy Wife
Herbert Charles Rodd, Lieutenant Commander, Killed In 1932 Airplane Crash In Virginia
The Rodgers Family - Long Tradition Of Naval Service
Hugh Rodman, Admiral, USNA, Spanish-American War, World War I
Francis Asbury Roe, Rear Admiral - USNA, Civil War, Mexican Revolution
Robert Rogers, Rear Admiral, USNA - Naval Aide to Marine Commandant, Sea Commander, Vietnam - LM, BSM
William Pierce Rogers, Lieutenant Commander, US Attorney General & Secretary of State
The Rollings Family, United States Navy - INFORMATON NEEDED
Kim Ruby Roman - Radioman 1st Class - Murder Victim
Finne Ronne, Rear Admiral - Arctic Explorer
Anne Marie Bono Rose, Ensign, Nurse Corps - Buried With Sister In Section 6
William Daniel Roseborough, Jr., Captain, USNA - WWII, Nuclear Submarine Innovator
Forrest B. Royal, Rear Admiral, Died In Pacific In 1945 - Returned Home In 1948 - INFO NEEDED
Erik Niles Rudziak, FN, Killed In Mine Explosion In Vietnam - PH
James Thomas Ruffin, Lieutenant Commander, Killed In Vietnam In 1966 - Returned Home In 1983
Manuel A. Ruiz, Petty Officer Third Class, Killed In iraq - Operation Iraqi Freedom - PH
John Edward Russell, Lieutenant, USS Cole Rescurer - Family Denied Death Benefits
James Benjamin Ryan, Lieutenant Commander, World War II, Korean War
Thomas W. Ryan, Commander, USNA - Spanish-American War, Philippines, Boxer Rebellion - With Grant In Around the World Trip
John French Ryder, Captain, USNA - WWII Submarine Commander - Prisoner of War
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